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Peacock Approaching by szbooklover Peacock Approaching :iconszbooklover:szbooklover 2 9 Rock On by szbooklover Rock On :iconszbooklover:szbooklover 3 2 Flower in the Wood by szbooklover Flower in the Wood :iconszbooklover:szbooklover 3 2 Hiding in the Shadows by szbooklover Hiding in the Shadows :iconszbooklover:szbooklover 3 1
A Quite Depressing Poem
I wake up, my smile's away,
Just as it was the other day.
The sun is bright, but I see gray,
Just like I saw yesterday.
I am alive, but not living,
I'm not taking, but I'm not giving.
I might as well be standing still,
I've lost all hope; I've lost all will.
A happy ending will never come,
I've seen the future, and death has won.
:iconszbooklover:szbooklover 0 5
Yesterday Poem
I must go, I cannot stay,
I must return to yesterday.
But correct me if I am wrong,
For that time then is already gone.
But my mind strays from now to then,
However it always comes back again.
The sun should go west to east,
Back to the day that has already ceased.
And as impossible as it seems,
I think of it always, in my night and day dreams.
Nonetheless, I must love today,
For tomorrow it will become my yesterday.
:iconszbooklover:szbooklover 4 6
The Birds and the Flight
It was the twelfth week since the five baby birds have been born, and it was time for the little ones to spread their wings and fly. The first four were daring and confident in themselves, so they jumped out of the nest one by one and begun to fly. The fifth little bird, however, became frightened when looking over the edge of the nest, and remained up high in the tree, petrified with fear. The mother bird saw this and asked the baby bird what was wrong.
"I do not want to leave our home! I have been here for so long, and I've never been out of it before! What if something bad happens? I'm so scared!" he cried.
The mother, being kind and sympathetic, stated, "Well, my dear, it's okay to be scared, but if you don't do this, you will never get over your fear. You must expand your horizons, and don't worry, I have taught you enough to be alright." The little bird, comforted by those words walked over to the edge of the nest. It was so high up, but with new determination, he leaped off and
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Tree of Silver by szbooklover Tree of Silver :iconszbooklover:szbooklover 1 0
'What's in a Name?' Answered
The Question: "What's in a name?"-Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet
The Answer: There is much in a name, though most consists of letters. However, the amount of letters depends on the length of the name.
For example, one's name might be "Bob" and what's in that name? Why, the answer is B's and O's. More precisely, it would be two B's and one O. There is not much in that name. However, the name, "Shakespeare" has much in his name. There are two S's, one H, two A's, one K, three E's, one P, and one R.
For fancier names, there are fancier symbols, besides the average letter. Why, there are apostrophes and accents and such. One's name can have many of these symbols, depending on the origin of the name.
For example, there are names such as O'Brien or D'Angelo that have apostrophes. Aarón has an accent since it is of a Spanish origin.
For people who read this looking for a much wiser answer, then this is the answer for you! What's in a name? Why, hidden meanings! Some names can mean more th
:iconszbooklover:szbooklover 1 9
Llama cartoon by szbooklover Llama cartoon :iconszbooklover:szbooklover 0 1 MarkCrilley Innocent Girl by szbooklover MarkCrilley Innocent Girl :iconszbooklover:szbooklover 2 5 21st Century Animation by szbooklover 21st Century Animation :iconszbooklover:szbooklover 2 2 Rainbow Animation by szbooklover Rainbow Animation :iconszbooklover:szbooklover 0 0 Thought Flower by szbooklover Thought Flower :iconszbooklover:szbooklover 2 4 Fountain Fall by szbooklover Fountain Fall :iconszbooklover:szbooklover 4 13 Wait, is that a camera? by szbooklover Wait, is that a camera? :iconszbooklover:szbooklover 1 7


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I know, very random. XD

However, i haven't posted anything in a long time (I will UPDATE soon!!!!!) and this is the first thing i was thinking of.

My grandmother gave me chocolate chip pancakes. Sounds good, eh? But the chocolate chips have bit of BACON in them!

What do you think? Do I dareth eat it?

I believe i dareth. XD


Not Gonna Tell You
United States


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